150th Anniversary Battle of Fort Sanders, Corryton, Tennessee Oct 10-13 2013

This is the 79th New York’s premier event for the 2013 Campaign Season. The original 79th was garrison of the fort in November of 1863 when General Longstreet attacked. The recreated northwest bastion of the fort is full scale, representing the site of the Confederate assault.  Saturday and Sunday will feature not only the assault on the fort but also the Battle of Campbell Station, the precursor to the Siege of Knoxville. This event marks the last fight at this site, as the fort is scheduled to be dismantled after the event. The 79th is also co-hosting  the event.

In recognition of this 150th Anniversary, Friday the 1th will feature the commemoration of the battle with the site opened up free to the public.  A ceremony with elected officials in attendance, and an appearance by descendants of General Longstreet.

Please join us for this, the 79th NY’s main event for 2013. Information and directions can be found at http://www.battleoffortsanders.com/Site/Welcome.html


150th Anniversary, Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia, Sept 19-22, 2013

One of the ( if not the biggest ) reenactments of 2013 is coming up Sept 19-22 in Walker County, GA.  Recreating the September 1863 fight between Confederate General Braxton Bragg and US General William Rosecrans, is expected to bring several thousand reenactors to the area. The 79th is attending.  This event is expected to be larger than Gettysburg 150th in the Summer of 2013.

Event details: http://www.150thanniversarychickamauga.com/