Civil War fort at new Knoxville city park

High Ground Park recently opened off Cherokee Trail in south Knoxville, up behind UT Hospital and near the water tower.  This park features rifle pits, redoubts, and other sites from the Siege of Knoxville. This is also the site of Fort Higley, one of the earthworks protecting the city. Fort Dickerson off Chapman Highway, is a well preserved fort with cannon and markers, it operates as a city park as well. Go by and take a look at both of these sites, and learn more about the history of Knoxville in the war.

2014 Campaign Season

Welcome to 2014!   The 79th reenactment schedule is now posted, see home page for details. The 79th would like to welcome our new members to our ranks. All 79th personnel please contact Sgt. Patton regarding dues/changes discussed at the meeting.

This year represents 1864 in the reenactment series, which includes the Atlanta Campaign, Wilderness/Spotsylvania among others.