Uniforms and Equipment

Here is a breakdown of the basic uniform and other items you will need if you join. Please consult with your recruiter or a veteran member before buying anything, as we don’t want you to buy what you can’t use..

4 thoughts on “Uniforms and Equipment

  1. Dear Sir I am in the first stages of joining acw and would like to join the 79th I gave twelve years of experience in Napoleonic re enactment but would like to get a picture of the uniform I require to re enact the 79th new yorkers please can you help.

  2. Stephen, thanks for your interest, please give me a call, I semnt my number earlier, and we can discuss your interest

  3. Hello, is there a way to borrow equipment until I have enough money to buy my own? I’m 16 and from Bartlett, TN, the secessionist side of the state.

  4. I think it should be noted I have been to two reenactments as a private. I can reload and fire a musket/rifled-musket effectively.

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