Equipment / Field Gear

369The basic field/battle gear ( commonly called accoutrements ) consists of a waist belt with oval, brass US belt plate ( buckle ), percussion cap box ( shortened to cap box ), cartridge box, bayonet with scabbard, haversack and canteen. On the sergeant at right, the small leather  pouch on his belt is the cap box. The belt plate can be seen just to the right of the cap box. The small, round, brass plate on his chest is called a cartridge box belt plate and is worn on the cartridge box shoulder strap. It is purely decorative and was sometimes thrown away by troops as it made an excellent target.


cBOXcrop2At right, the black box-looking item on the corporal’s right hip is the leather cartidge box. Worn either on a strap or on the belt, this where ammunition is carried.  An oval, brass, US plate is attached to the front of the box, on the ront flap, both to act as a weight and also for decoration.The cartridge box has an inner and outer flap, and a small pouch is attached to the box for carrying  weapon tools.


 At left, the object that looks like a black bag is the haversack, where rations are carried. It is waterproofed canvas. The canteen is the round, brown item. The 79th prefers canteens be covered in a wool cover other than blue.


At right is a bayonet, and scabbard. The one shown is for a  US Springfield. The scabbard hangs off the waistbelt.

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