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IMG_1957-cropWe are always looking for recruits that have an interest in The Civil War. You will find that we are a friendly, but professional unit on and off the field, and we strive to honor the memories of those in the original 79th.  Our unit is a family, and close-knit, but we welcome those who want to join us. You will find that the members of the 79th are eager to share our knowledge, and to welcome you into our ranks. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any additional questions not covered here, please leave a comment and we will be glad to assist.

What happens first?  Once you contact us, we will answer any questions you may have, and try to provide any information you need. If you decide you want to attend an event  ( reenactor term for reenactments ) we will let you know what you need to do, what to bring, etc.

What about buying my gear?  When you first come out to an event with us, we don’t expect you to obtain all your gear right off and we have loaner gear available. If you decide you want to attend with us, let us know your clothing sizes as soon as possible so we can make arrangements.

How much does everything cost, and do I have to buy everything at once?  Initial costs can be expensive, but….we allow new members to buy their gear over time, and we will help you find what you need, find what is correct to use, and to find good deals.  Also, there is no pressure, we won’t kick someone out for having problems buying gear. Prices vary from sutler to sutler, as does quality, so giving a price estimate that will stay steady is difficult, so if you have any questions, ask your recruit sponsor. The most expensive item will be the weapon,  but again, we will allow time to purchase a weapon. We ask that you not make any purchases without checking first, so you don’t waste money on gear you can’t use. See Uniforms and Equipment section for more details.

What about training? Before you take the field for the first time, you will be assigned to a Non-Commissioned Officer ( NCO ) or designee for training.  We stress safety first and foremost, and your trainer will help you learn the skills you will need to be a reenactor. Also, while on the field, veteran members will work with you as well.

Do you have any age requirements, etc.?  The 79th normally requires members to be 18 or older to carry a weapon. If a potential recruit is under 18, talk to us and we will see about possible exceptions. We ask, in the case of recruits under 18, that we speak to a parent or guardian before the recruit comes to an event. Those under 18 may also function as musicians ( drum or fife, etc ). Some events have rules about participants under 18, and such situations will be handled on a case by case basis.

How much does it cost to me a member?  We do not have yearly dues, however we are currently in the process of determining if they are needed and a cost structure. Any dues, etc, will be voted on by the company.  Any funds gathered will be used to purchase powder and caps. If there is an reenactment registration fee, as sometimes there is, you can either pay up front to register, or pay the company back for pre-registering, this will be on a case by case basis and you will know ahead of time the info on each reenactment we go to.

Do you have regular meetings?  We don’t have regular meetings, but every year, usually in January, we gather for an annual meeting and set our schedule for the year. Also, we may have informal meetings at reenactments to discuss issues that come up, but there are no regularly scheduled meetings.

What about going to events?   While we do not require members to attend a certain number of events, we do ask that you attend as many as you are able to, especially those designated as maximum effort/company events. We attend events close to home and in other states ( in the past we have visited  Louisiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania and the Carolinas, among others ). We organize carpools to far away events, and members assist each other connecting riders and drivers. For past long-distance events, members have rented a van, and organized riders from the same area. We will give you plenty of notice about events so you can make plans. You will receive e-mail or phone reminders, and the events for the year are all listed on this site, and the company Facebook group.

What can I expect at an event? Of course, reenacting can be a strenuous hobby, and weather conditions at events can be rough.  At times, you may get rained on, you may be cold, and you may be hot. But you will also get to experience waking up to the smell of a campfire and seeing no modern intrusions. You will get to  fight at dawn in the woods and camp under the stars after a march. You will also make lifelong friends and have a really good time in the process.

Anything else?   We  pride ourselves on being friends off the field as well. The members of the 79th don’t just see each other at events,  we meet as friends for dinner, movies, etc.  Members have made road trips together to visit battlefields, museums, and historic sites, outside of the realm of reenacting.


If you are interested in the 79th New York and enjoy Civil War history, go leave a reply and we will contact you. Your email address comes up on the admin page so you don’t have to leave it in your post.


5 thoughts on “FAQ and Joining Us

  1. I have never re-enacted before but would like to participate in the Chickamagua event in Sept; I have a basic uniform set (altho the shell jacket doesn’t have the blue piping described on your web site); as of yet, I do not have a musket; would like to get info on joining up with your unit; tks, “T A” Smith

  2. I have been assigned to your unit for te 150 chicamauga event. Im looking for details that i may require before and after reporting for duty.

    Pvt William Thompson (Danny)

  3. Good evening!

    I have interest in joining the 79th! I just moved to Maryville, TN from Florida where I did historical interp as a 1740 Spanish marine at Castillo de San Marcos in St Augustine. I have never done Civil War before but I have sparked an interest in it since I have move to Tennessee. I start at the University of Tennessee in the fall and will be majoring in history. I’d really love to try y’all out!


  4. Hi, Noah, thanks for your interest , I emailed you my cell number earlier please give me a call so we can talk more…thanks

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