Guidelines for Comments

3333You are free to post replies and comments on our site…however we do have a few guidelines….


  • No use of racist, sexist, homophobic, or similar language
  • The 79th New York in no way endorses, supports or advocates, any racist, homophobic, sexist, white supremacist, or any related or like activities. We are strictly a military reenactment unit…see our statement on the top of the page. So no posts of that nature
  • No posting ( or linking to ) pornographic material. 
  • No personal attacks.
  • No discussing illegal activities

We encourage you to ask questions, share info, etc, but please do not post any of the above items.  Thank you

Thanks, 1st Sgt/webmaster/moderator Patton

2 thoughts on “Guidelines for Comments

  1. Cant wait to see you guys at Aiken, you have great impression,want to invite you to come to Sandersville GA. Nov. 7-9 ,This is a one time 150th event (OCCUPATION OF SANDERSVILLE),We have room for more federals,would really love to have yall,the weekend wiii have 2 battles possibly 3 ,with one of those in the streets of Sandersville and if you choose ,alot of marching, if not thats fine too.A grand ball (THE 97TH REGIMENTAL STRING BAND) within a very short distance of the camps.Sandersville is 1.5 hour from Aiken,due west,THANKS 1st SGT. DANIEL

  2. My 14 year old son wants to participate in the Labor Day event but he has not given me any information regarding whom will be in charge of him should I allow him to go, who is organizing this event and how do I lknow if this is safe?

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